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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  July 11, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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3 ptmpeerturessareesoaring whha -3& you eed tt know tt ssaa safe pnn beat the heaa. 3 p3 dangeroos heat eeends oon maryland. hoo t could get & even hooterrtomorrow and heen & relief could rriie in my porecast. -3 -3 p& time issttcckngg.... on the debt limii talks. wwat ould -& happen ii eaders arr unaale -&&pto strike deal. 3 and a peaccck onnparade! 3 ,3 summer's sizzle has arrived -3 in maryllndd kyrocketedd../ - well... iito the -3& 90's... in he baltimore prea...// s... & eeole triedd o copee../ thh bbsttthee could. & 3 & iim eenifer gilbbrtt--3gilbertand
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i'' jeff bbrnd &p...the eaa and humiddty... -& aaeeenough....too killl..// páátodaayáá ann &tomoorrw... arr deelared.... & ""ode red daas"...//.&ppays"...//. -& áámeeinndáá roeder... &live from harbbo ast... puly is prrovng to be a &psccrccer. anddwe already hhvv maryland....five eoppe havv diid frrm heaa complications... tto of them - innthe city of baatimore.onee was a 95-yeaa-old woman. thee yes, theeeederly are - especially vulnerball. - 3 phat'sswhyyhealth offfcials &ppouch wiih older family -3&pmembers and neighbors. bbt & really, we're all attrisk. - especiaaly this weee... wherr we'll see a strrnn of ery hot -3 days... anddsometiiess he 3 so, expertss ay try to limitt & the time yoo spenn ouudoorss aad city residents....shouldd centers, f ttey on't have
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3need to get out f theessn. 3 3 pity rrssdents an call 3-1-1 3 tt find theeclosest cooling - 9-am until 7..nd be onnaleet 3heat ppobleem... succ as &pnauusau, muscle aches nd ffommharbor east... melinda 3 rooder... ox 45 ees at 5:33. & 3&pnow et's check in wwih chhef - meterooogiis vytas reid.....--3 vytas, wwennccn we expect -33 some relief from tte huuid temperaturess &&ptemperrturess
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3 3 3 911 ttpes from 33 the niggt eenaged girls
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wwreestrucc by a hhi aad run & driver... ggve a glimpse off &pwhat was haapening nnthe &&pscene that fateful nighh. - reporttr joy llpoll tells us ... pareets re stilllwwitiig tt sse someone be brought tt -33 justice. & 3 3 her best frieed 16 earr -3& poortneyyangelessdied right &phere ssthey wereetrying to cross theestreet. tonight 9111 paaes give us a better unnerstandinn of whht hhppened in tte minutes hat follooee pispatch is told maybe this waan't a fataalhht ann un but patter a shhotinng within minutes of ooficers arriiing on the cenn ... tt' clear... police have aadouule fataa on - thhir haadd anddthe driverr as peet the scene. whhtts pnclear is he wwat type of & takke lisstn. 3&pbe addised we have reporrs of aapossiblee lack onda ccord prrblack jjep withhheaay ront --3&pend damage. one minutt it was supposed
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to bb hhading tooardss 395. ne iiute t was een -3 going own the blvd. 3 33 pmmomntt lattr.... a vehicle &pis stopped it appearss o be a peeson frommsevernn. ppliie -thh car back to scene.... ffro tte victim'' familiee. since this double fatal.....&arrest mmde. ooice ttll me....thii is till n ctive 5:30 - 3 annthhr... viooent weekendd in &pbaatimoree.... 3 in... northeast bbltimore .... - pttbbed... in... hhs pick-up....-ááaboutááá theessme ttie.... áanotherá & man....waa ssot to dath... on -3& leeter mortonncourt..// -3 p áonná charles street .../ man &&pwas fatally sttbbeed.. - saturday.
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3 in... south-east baltiimre & petectties... investigate... the death f ...43-year-old... -&&p on... bbl-nord avenue... suuddy morniin.../. áádespiteáá - the... surgeein iooence, .../ --33 áápoliceáá -3 say....thhy're not ...chhnginn theeirstraaegg.../ "while thii wwekend was difffcult, ww areeconttnuing to make prrgress in ccime pvoleece .../ ááthháá &p homicideetooal....stanns aa 109.. áácomparedáá to 108... tths time -3 last yyar. -33 p a man haa ccnffsseddiin he fourth of uly thhstabbbng aa -tth nner harbor.mmrcus harris 3 pefeese wwee he sslased joe & calo's hroaa that nnght. &pmargaaet meaae sayy her clientt - had nn idee heehurt calo or & hatt olice were even looking pppcture onnthe news. that's & when shh sayy he called heer ... to turn hiiself in. 8:04 mr..haaris has dooe nothing buttcry bout this has & een devastated abouu ii. thhs - was neverrhis intentiin
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p3 3 meede allo tolldtte mmdia thatt recood. oweeee, court pocuumnts show that harrii,&pdealinn ddugs... handgun - pvilationn... and assaalt. the victimss aamly... sspaks ouu.../ aboot... what haapened.../..- áájoeáá cclo's... - ex irlffiendd.. -3& is... relieved... to eaar.. the accussd ... turned imself himm &phim. 3 p noww.. sheewants justtce... for caao... aad their baby girl../ who... willl -3 ...grow uu... withoot a &pfather...//.áálindseyáá & ere... froo allbaaa.... the way hh dii... 3 ssmeone else's family."30007 "i waat him tt spend the rest pf his life in rrsonn" &pprissn."harris... is charged &with....firsttdeggre murrer,.../ 3 new deveeoppents in the towing scandallinvolling citt police officers..-& auto repair shop anndtowing &ppolice perrs s paat ofthe 3 wiih direeting bussiess o
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33 exchange for those eeks. p thee.. cost .... -3 to fiil p your tank... is onn 3 accorrdng... -& thh coot of gas... wwnt up... six-cents.... from - lass wwek..../ average at... 3- -3 doolars... 3 cents.../ - a ggllon ../ áátheeá same... -3 as... mmrylaaders pay..//. &p & p can....fiin te best aaea,,,../ áágoááá and. ..look... in our &p3 nnw.... letts takeea look t -& the roaassaa you hhed home -3 thiismonday evening/ 3laurenncook is back ad haa pur ttafffcc dde rrpoot.
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&&pmaking pllns to bring more &p3& weell breakdoon new ppann -3 phat aims to give you more reeson to walkkdowntoww and briig boost to buusnesses! -3 3 deal or no ddal? lladers 3negotiitioos oo adeellto -3 raise thhe naion'ssdebt limit. - whaa needs toobe done to & avoiddan embbrassing defaultt -3 3 and he bd news about unemploomentt eeps coming. the grouppthaa's beee sppciilly harr ii. 3 ///////////////// & ////////////////////////////////- ////////////////////////////// &
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&p .has....not bben immune the recession.../. áááutáá -3& as... john rydelll - says...// & áááhere'sáá aa.. renewed pushh... oo - towson''... business jeff....thh goal....ii live...andwook innthe area...more so the cconty council...has 33& spark...revvttiization..t
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3& make theeree more ppdesttians..aad there'll be &pfrriayyniggt....look -3 parries...on allegenyyavenue... ppnaar..tth rraficcciricle tto to three thoussnd eoplee put thereeon fridayynights -3 dancinng nnthe ssrret, it'ss sort of like a flash moo, t'ss -3 ponderfull you see ccrs drriing downntte steet andd pext ttinggyou kkoo, there's loongg chairs anndmoon bouncesx and ii's great.. and tarting tommorow...and&pwashhngtoonavenue...will bee- of the oldcourttouue...ffr a -3 ssreee faii. johnn ydell, fox &p44 neww at 5530. continuue../ - ááleadersáá n passington... must raase ttillion doolar deet & ceiling... by auuust 2nn... / ááoráá & won't... agree o raise ii.../ unless .. p to reduce tte deficiit.....átheyyreáá -3
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againss... a democratii 3 ...// for thee-3 wwalthiiet mericann....//. áááodayááá , he's coomited./..// i'm ppepareddtootakk n & to gee something done. and i - expeetttheeother side shoold say. p3 p repubbicans... -33 are... puuhing for ore -& spendiig cutt, .../ &pamoogg.. other difffrences.../ áááhooseááá -speaker john boehnee ...says../ there''... stillla pong way to go... &thh resideettand iido not &ppgree n hhs view that te 3 thrrouh higheerttxes on job cceators. he pressdent and i -3 allo ddsagrre n theeextent of the ntitlemnent pprblemmann 3 3 the pressdentt.. - said a "shorr-teem fixx... & heee's... our -3 question of the day. &pááshouldáá tax iicrrases... bb part of... any thee ebt ceelinn? -33&p&p o to... fox-balttmoreedot com.... . 3thru facebook..... áásendáá -3 p us ...a tweett../// p áááexttá
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-3 yourranswer... to 455& 203..... ááeeteráá & fox45a... for yys..... for n....//ááhearáá mmreeresponses.... tonnggt.../ at &3 the june mployment report &pthe board... articulary for & pffiian americans. last & monnh, the uneeploymenntratt pfor wwhte peooll increased too - eight-point--nnepercent.. poweeer, the rate for lack & pprceet. .reseaachhrssaa &phowwrddunnversity's ays -3 that's bbcause many african -3&pmeriians ackk cccssstoo & thaa rcism is often at ppay - -3& pespite laws against pisccimination.. &p33"aariian-americans and other peopleeof color, particuuaaly now hispanics, reegoing find themsslves inna costant trrugle.""- ssrrggle."higgly educated aarican americaas ren't immmne leon ayssit's now p -to the governmmnt - and sooiety to ix tte ppoblem. &&pp33& --adblib eather tz-- -&pp,
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the itleeof fox45's paatimorr iiol.we reveaaeddthe &pnews arliie today oon oodd ay -3 baltimoree sottmegan: thissis pin front of the áamerican idol -3 priday.sse telll me se is hallii sayss im ggingg o be pyyelfhallie ill be at he - pmerican idol auditionssat -&& einz fielddii piitsbuugh onn & caa watch my live covvrage on powwown..,
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3 3 i ad a great morring.... ssa art of thh "elevatee -3& baatimmre" ffeedoo schools & prroram inneast baltimore. 3 harambeee.... theii verry -&&pheeps them gee eedyytoo 33pllfe. 3 3 f youusse nnws inn pour neighhorrood, sse it.... &pshoot, senn can uploadd - photos and videos o -3&pfoxxaltimmre dot com . - click on the see it shoot it seenditt icon. ááoráá... ssndd photos froo your cell o ""ics t foxbaltimore dot - cco." &p3 uubeliviably... & pho....// chiee eterooogisttvytas &&plook... at exaccly... how hht it's going tooget.. 3 3 3 3 p
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&& you can be in -3 charge f your oww use the inttractive tooll to your street. slash i-radar p chiidren of wwmenn... -33 experiincing....aaxieey andd deppession..../ during pprgnancy .../ maay.. be at... greater risk... forr asstmm. - docttrs... studied nnerly 00-- inner city... afriian aaerican... nddhhspanic - ááanddá fouud.... nearlyy70--peerent... &p whoo.. expeeiinced igh -3& leeees ffaaniety or chiidrrn who suffeeee peforr thee weee five yeers - oldd 3& i jummeddbackk i was liie, -&pthere's aapeacocc outside the -&phouse? 3- 3 an unusal sighting iin tte winddycciy .... as a neighhbrhood. how the
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-3 colorffl birdd as finnlly paapured..
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star ame hhs come at the -33& perffctttime...iimean,,how birds liip intt tte brraa -3&phaaingglost 7 ii aa oo and 12 &&pphh break...and so do we... wwe.. 3 but one oo thhe is nt taking a break...caather matt wieterss league teea....e'll serve as aa -&pbackuu to ron wwshinngon's in his 3rd season with the bbrds, ou cannjjss -3& bout iaaine hattaathrill thaa is foorhim... &pit's something you've een - a kid. i doont thhnk ou'lll ever invision hhwwit will -&pproudd ad very xciied at ll the work you put in in he past has been abbe o pay off &ppnd ggt tt an alllstaa game." && pnd remember you can seee tee pll-star game riigt heee oo fox 5...the ameriiaa eague
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3& pid-summeercllssicctomorrow at 88.. only onn oxx45. 3 .the tartiig pitthers &&prunnderbyy.. aad a war of &psteeeers... ttat'ssall coming &unlimittd... baak tt you.... 3& --toossto vyyas-- &pvytas-- 3 3 ánaazzof tte lady 3 wranglinggthh bird at the &pbegiining offthe vvieoá
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& cciico yysterday afttenoonn... p peaaocc wws taking a peesurely stroll in awestside 3 officer found he bird... but it beeame a chaalenge to get aa&pholl of thh colorffu guy.. t's - uuclear whhre the peaaock came from...ffno one caims it, tte peacocckwill ooto a bird sanctuaay. that''sall for ,3fox45 newssat 5:30."kinggof pueenns ssnnxt. nextt -3 3 pnd ww''llbe aack onighh ffr &&pfoo45 neess t ttn - andd he late ediiion aa 11... 33 later.


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